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We're proud to be pricks!

We're proud to be assholes!

12 May
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  • Lost Inside Fear
ok yes.... my name is brent wildasin.. which im sure alot of u already know... well neways... i live in hanover pa... which sux ass... i fucknig hate it.. there is nothing to do.. its filled with a bunch of fucking redneck hicks... white trash... and mexicans..

yea ive realized.. i have alot of friends.. they are always there for me.. and i love them all..

every once in awhile they have some shows in hanover... well this is pretty much all that is going on in my life.. but i still have one more thing to add...

BUSH... a fucking nazi... but thats a whole thing i dotn feel like getting into.. if u want me to get into it.. just I/M me... my sn is in this thing somewhere...
311, 88 fingers louie, acoustic, against all authority, amber pacific, anti nazi, antiflag, asian man records, at the drive-in, atom and his package, atticus, avenged sevenfold, blue meanies, bob marley, box car racer, break the silence, bush, byo records, circle jerks, classic rock, common rider, concerts, cooking, d.o.a., dazed and confused, dean, detriot rock city, digger, digital cameras, dillinger four, dropkick murphys, emo, epiphone, face to face, fat wreck chords, filthy thievin bastards, finch, flip, flogging molly, gibson, girls, glassjaw, guitar, guttermouth, independent, kicked in the head, lagwagon, letters kill, link 80, mall, matchbook romance, metal, motion city soundtrack, movies, mu330, mudvayne, music, mustard plug, mystery skateboards, ninja turtles, nobodys, nofx, one man army, operation ivy, osker, panera bread, pennywise, pop war, potshot, punk, rancid, rcr, rise against, river city rebels, rock, rufio, samiam, selby tigers, senses fail, ska, skankin' pickle, skanking, skateboarding, slackers, slapstick, slc punk, slipknot, sometimes i wonder, sparta, story of the year, strike anywhere, swingin utters, teen idols, the arsons, the beltones, the chinkees, the d4, the distillers, the lawrence arms, the mad caddies, the mars volta, the mighty mighty bosstones, the movie life, the peacocks, the queers, the specials, the toasters, the vines, the weakerthans, thrice, tiger army, tight pants, time will tell, toys that kill, u.s. bombs, unseen, unsteady, us bombs, useless id, vans, vision, waynes world, waynes world 2, winnie the pooh