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incredible weekend

what an incredible weekend its been.. wow.. ok.. friday night.. went to the mall met up iwth patty d.. and got a new pair of girl pants.. :D.. then i met up with heather and kayla.. and they wanted to go to tjmax and damons.. so i followed along.. then the rest of the night we just drove around.. it was alot of fun.. then they dropped me off at the diner.. and i saw soo many people i havent seen forever.. after that.. i got some beer then got a ride to steves.. then corey and jason came to get us.. and we went to sarahs house.. and we drank.. then we went to the diner.. and ate.. after that they dropped us off at steves and we passed the fuck out..

today was awesome.. first off stay-c picked me up at the mall and then we went to skin images and she got her collar bones pierced.. they look so fucknig awesome.. then we went to her house.. then we got patty d and ended up at the south hanover y show.. it was lame.. so stay-c and i ride up to newoxford.. we meet ilsa and corey there.. and we drive to lancaster to the chamillian club.. a static lullaby was playing.. so stay-c and i sat at the show and made fun of people all night.. i love being an asshole.. we only got to see two bands.. a static lullaby of course.. and then some other band who was really good.. they were like a funk type band.. then we left.. and ilsa dropped stay-c and i off at her car.. then stay-c took me home.. and im here now.. lol..

to all the people that i saw this weekend.. thank you.. it was the best birthday weekend ive had.. and i hope next years is even better.. hahaha

and tomorrow im looking forward to hopefully hanging out with heather.. :D

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